The automatic oil press machine is not easy sticky oil. The host with thicken 304 stainless steel is ultra durable

The automatic oil press machine is not easy sticky oil. The host with thicken 304 stainless steel is ultra durable, squeeze rod parts is hard stainless steel 316, Germany Computer numerical control machine tool manufacturing, precision matching, and the grinding degree is 3 times more than ordinary stainless steel. The oil rate of the big torque motor industry is higher than plastic oil mill, ensure you have squeezed dry. the groundnut oil extraction machine is widely used okra, soybeans, perilla seed, shelled hemp seed, flaxseed, flaxseed, camellia seed oil, walnut, rapeseed, black sesame, white sesame, shelled sunflower seeds,ect,By using the pressure of dynamic extrusion to 
extract the oil from material, the material is pushed forward in the press chamber.
 Except the feeding hopper, the press chamber of the main working parts of screw
 oil expeller, which is composed of a worm shaft and round bar cage. The oil flows 
through the ring teeth falls into a foodstuff–safe stainless steel funnel. The press 
cake is transported out of the press via a freely adjustable press gap. This 
adjustable press gap makes it possible to process many different types of seed. 
Whereby thepress cake, that is in chip form falls out of the bottom of the
small oil press machine.The presses are driven by a electric motor. it is also can 
driven by diesel engine for customers to reach continue working performance, 
where the power is not so stable.
Structure of Peanut Oil Press Machine:
1.Characteried by simple design, easy to operate and maintenance
2.Cast iron machine base
3.High productivity,energy saving and labour saving
4.Special gear box structure make the rotating speed averagely
5.Compact structure, stable functions
6.Main parts of chamber through the processing of high-temperature tempering and low temperature quenching;
7.Compact structure, stable function.


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