peanut oil press machine is mainly composed of 7 major parts of screw axis, press cage, feed mechanism, cake yielding mechanism.

6YL series spiral peanut oil press machine is mainly composed of 7 major parts of screw axis, press cage, feed mechanism, cake yielding mechanism. transmission system, electric control part and vacuum filter part. All the parts are assembled on the frame and screwed as a whole.this peanut oil press machine has multiple functions, including to screw oil press ,electrical element for heating chamber,

vacuum filter for clearing oil .Before pressing some parts of the press such as the press chamber, press 

screw and press ring will be pre-heated. During pressing, the press can flite the oil in due time. Only one machine 

the user could get the better edible oil.We can process peanut, soybean, cottonseed, rapeseed, oil sunflower seed, sesame, bancoul nuts, almond, walnut, tea seed, prickly ash seed, oil palm fruit, coconut, castor bean etc.

The series of small oil expeller machine is composed by automatic control part, heating pressing part, adjustment part, transmission part and vacuum oil filter.The automatic control system is composed by air-break switch, alternating current contactor, temperature control meter, circuit automatic protection device etc.The heating and pressing part is composed by the heater, cage bar, body assembly etc.

The transmission part is composed by of the spindle and reducer casting, belt pulley and motor wheel etc.Adjustment part is composed by of the adjusting bolt, adjusting nut and locking nut etc.Vacuum oil filter is composed by vacuum pump, oil filter can and some other assemblies.

features of peanut oil press machine

1. Day output 6.5ton/24h , oil content of residue cake is ≤8%.

2. Mini size, requires small land to set and run

3. Healthy! Pure mechanical squeezing craft maximally keeps the nutrients of the oil plants. No

chemical substances left.

4. High working efficiency! Oil plants only need to be squeezed by one time when using hot

pressing. The left oil in cake is low.

5. Long durability! All the parts are made of the most suitable material and treated with refined

crafts, such as cemented quenching and tempering to increase the hardness, consequently the durability.

6. Cost-effective! Low investment! The wearing parts on the soybean oil extraction machine such as the squeeze loop,

squeeze spiral and squeeze bar are designed to be dismountable. When they are out of

service period, users only need to replace them and no need to displace the whole peanut oil press machine.

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